Microsoft Azure, Why Not!

While still struggling to find my groove in re-balancing my life, I’ve decided to expand my Cloud computing by setting up a Microsoft Azure account. Figured since I’m already using Azure DevOps to track my project, why not dig deeper.

So not only did I setup my account, I went all out by creating a web application server tied directly into Azure DevOps with a full pipeline to manage it. Git, Build, and Deploy all covered. CI/CD here I come. While I’m familiar with this at work and essentially helping to migrate a project over into a CI/CD structure, I’ve yet to play with a full pipeline enabled application.

Now I just need to be careful not to overload myself with to many projects. While by the time I finish with work, and now having to handle another college class, I can’t say I’m all that gun ho to work on more projects. Fortunately, I honestly find enjoyment in playing around with new technology. Just need to re-balance myself.

CSS Cleanup Complete!

Task accomplished. While still trying to get myself into a better better habit of working on my personal projects, I have completed the first task of my May sprint. I finally removed the custom CSS styles I added within WordPress and updated the actual stylesheet on the server.

Lessons learned, Chromium based browsers like to cache stylesheets apparently. Both Chrome and the Chromium based Edge browser refused to see my CSS changes until I cleared the temp files. However, the current Edge browser was much more forgiving, just needed to reload the page. Granted, there might have been another way to address this, but I’m still learning.

Along with that, the Developer tools are a web designers best friend. Always knew they existed, but never really had a need to use them. While trying to update a 3000+ line stylesheet that I didn’t write, it makes a world of difference being able to highlight an element on the page, see what styles control it, and even see what line that code starts at in the actual file. Honestly, it was way easier to mess with the WordPress CSS code just editing the actual stylesheet vs trying to override it via the WordPress interface.

Next two tasks I want to complete this sprint, setup a failover page if my site goes down and setup a backup plan in the case my site goes completely belly up. Outside of working on my web development project, I’m planning on starting on a game development project. Setup Unity and downloaded some tutorials. Just need to follow them and start making something.