Azure Update

Okay, so I started an Azure account, created a Web app project tied to Azure Dev Ops, and I just finished deleting the project.  While I admit, I haven’t had the time to really dedicate to it; but the decision game to cost. Should have done better research. I have the free credit, but at the rate I was burning through it, it wouldn’t have lasted long.

Going to count my loses and regroup once I can better understand the cost being each service. I still have a fair amount of my credit left so it isn’t so bad. Just need to make sure I have time to delve deeper. For now, AWS.

Hiatus Update

Been a bit since I last posted. Between work and school (mainly work), I’ve had to put my personal projects on hold to help me maintain my sanity.

Work has picked up quite a bit between taking on new responsibilities, the business make a fair number of fast moving changes, and in increase focus on our AWS migration. While I’m enjoying the new responsibilities and opportunities (including a crash course in PostgreSQL administration), there is just a lot going on right now, with a lot of new knowledge I’m having to pick up.

Add to that a new college course learning one of my least favorite IT topics (networking) that includes a group project. I’m okay with group project; but when I’m already spending 8 hours a day essentially working on multiple group projects constantly, I can’t say I’m all that thrilled having to manage another when I’m home. Granted, the fact that I always seem to end up being the de facto project manager for every group project I’m in, that really isn’t helping. Online courses are meant for people who have a limited schedule and need to do course work whenever they have free time; meaning, THE CHANCES EVERYONE WILL HAVE MATCHING SCHEDULES TO WORK TOGETHER IS LIKE WINNING THE FREAKING LOTTERY.

Okay, off my soap box. Hoping that once this cluster of a class is at least finished, and work starts to calm down some, I’ll have enough energy to focus on my project.