Work Overload

I’ve always had something to do at work; but due to recent project, I can’t say I’ve had much drive to do even more “work”. Granted, I don’t necessarily feel my personal projects are work; but I can’t say it is easy to focus on coding and troubleshooting logic more than 8 hours a day. Not to mention trying to switch my brain from work coding to personal coding.

Fortunately, part of my current workload is to retire three out of the four systems I’m custodian of. Retired one within the last month and another slated for this month. Albeit, the other two applications have picked up quite a bit, so that has been offsetting what I’ve been retiring. However, only having to focus on two applications verses four is much easier. Can’t say how many times I kept forgetting what components were part of what applications.

Now to see about getting back into some of my personal projects again more so. I’ve been tweaking the back-end of my journal site; but really need to start picking up other projects I keep thinking about.

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