School Work Round 4

Last week was a rough week that ended up not being quite as bad as I expected. Ended up cutting both my lab and course project assignments down to the wire. Need to turn things around this week.

Got a chance to review both of this weeks assignments, so now it game time. First up, this weeks lab, which shouldn’t be to bad. Need to find ten images and create a web page that will display those images in an automatic changing slideshow. Plan is to start finding those ten images and start writing the HTML by tomorrow.

Next up, more work on my course project. Time to starting putting the site together. This will likely be one of the tougher parts as I tend to have a hard time finalizing designs. I also have a hard time getting CSS styles to work the way I expect them to. As much as I’d like to say it is the code or browser, I know it is how I’m writing it. Just need to make sure I spend the time to play around with the code. Content isn’t an issue as Nintendo news is a plenty.

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