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Never Just Copy Code

When I’m learning something new that involves coding, I’m always grateful when working code examples are provided. Whether I’m working on training modules, looking up how to accomplish a specific task, or troubleshooting code. While I try to learn what I can from reading, I’m much more of a hands-on person and learn best getting … Continue reading

Getting Started with Containers

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to know and learn more about containers. Nothing like a new job that specializes in containers to jump start that process. If anyone is wondering where a good starting point is for learning what containers are, might I recommend the Docker tutorial container getting-started. This is a simple … Continue reading

Ever Evolving

Something I try my best to embrace and keeping looking towards is to constantly evolve. While have loose ideas about what I want to document, I’ve been constantly changing my mind and making tweaks to this sight. Well, it’s time to evolve once again. While I have been continuing to try and define myself as … Continue reading


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