Ever Evolving

Something I try my best to embrace and keeping looking towards is to constantly evolve. While have loose ideas about what I want to document, I’ve been constantly changing my mind and making tweaks to this sight.

Well, it’s time to evolve once again. While I have been continuing to try and define myself as a programmer/developer, I’ve been finalizing what elements I want to focus on. Technology is ever expanding, but if I can’t find some amount of focus, I’ll have a much more difficult time finding my place.

On that note, I am planning to focus my attention towards C#, .NET, HTML5/CSS, SQL, and GIT. While quite a nice spread of tech, all of these work hand-in-hand. Not required, but all things I’m already familiar with, but lacking expertise. With this, I plan on updating this blog once again to help track my individual projects.

Just a quick teaser, one of these projects is I’m working on my own Discord bot written in C#. Also mulling the idea of my own site I build from scratch using ASP.NET Core Bazor.

Personal Pitfalls

So my last update mentions I need to work on my CSS. Problem is, I still need to pull my style sheets off the server to start scrubbing through them. This has to be my biggest personal pitfall. Fortunately, I don’t have this problem at work. However, by the time I’m done with work, I can’t say I’m always that eager to jump straight into another project. Typically, I hop on my computer with the intention of being productive, then I open Steam.

The unfortunate part about this is that I really want to work on this. Thinking I need to start setting up blocks of time to just start chipping away at this. Setup my own Agile workflow. Oh crap, another pitfall as I’m typing. Thinking of a new project while still needing to work on my current one. Focus, need to focus.