Azure Update

Okay, so I started an Azure account, created a Web app project tied to Azure Dev Ops, and I just finished deleting the project.  While I admit, I haven’t had the time to really dedicate to it; but the decision game to cost. Should have done better research. I have the free credit, but at the rate I was burning through it, it wouldn’t have lasted long.

Going to count my loses and regroup once I can better understand the cost being each service. I still have a fair amount of my credit left so it isn’t so bad. Just need to make sure I have time to delve deeper. For now, AWS.

Microsoft Azure, Why Not!

While still struggling to find my groove in re-balancing my life, I’ve decided to expand my Cloud computing by setting up a Microsoft Azure account. Figured since I’m already using Azure DevOps to track my project, why not dig deeper.

So not only did I setup my account, I went all out by creating a web application server tied directly into Azure DevOps with a full pipeline to manage it. Git, Build, and Deploy all covered. CI/CD here I come. While I’m familiar with this at work and essentially helping to migrate a project over into a CI/CD structure, I’ve yet to play with a full pipeline enabled application.

Now I just need to be careful not to overload myself with to many projects. While by the time I finish with work, and now having to handle another college class, I can’t say I’m all that gun ho to work on more projects. Fortunately, I honestly find enjoyment in playing around with new technology. Just need to re-balance myself.