School Work Round 5

Made it past the halfway point and I’m still surviving. While I still find HTML unforgiving to work with, I’m still learning quite a bit. Now onto the next week’s worth of assignments which focus on web forms.

For the lab, I’ll be needing to design an ordering page. For my course project, I’ll need to design a feedback form. These should be interesting. My last class, I designed UI’s for Java applications, so I’m hoping some of that while help here. Granted, that was in Java and this will be in HTML/CSS.

Plan will be to finish the lab first so I can familiarize myself with web forms. Figure once I get that all figured out with the lab, the feedback form should be fairly straight forward.

As a side project, I’m planning on making the feedback form live so that I can get notified when feedback is submitted. Uncertain if that will be part of a later assignment, but something I would like to play around with. Plan will be to use API Gateway, Lambda, and SNS in AWS. I’ve already setup a Lambda function that can send notifications via SNS at work, just need to figure out API Gateway and how to tie that into my page. Should be fun.


1 thought on “School Work Round 5

  1. Great post Anthony, It seems like you are more advanced than you want to admit. HTML/CSS like any other language just takes practice i think you are well beyond any beginner. With the practice you will have a good mastery of the information. keep up the great work..


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