School Work Round 7

In the home stretch. No lab this week, just need to work on finalizing my course project. Final week to add an adjustments, content, and enhancements. Once I’m done I’ll need to validate the sites accessibility and then share it with two people to provide feedback on what they think about the site. Once done collect everything together, write my final report and submit. All that is remaining is the final next week and I’m done.

Definitely learned a fair amount about HTML and CSS. As a matter of fact what I learned about CSS helped me a lot with my blog. Over the weekend, I migrated my entire blog onto my own server in AWS with WordPress installed. While I was able to find the same base template, it didn’t have as much customization as it had on Had to use Developer’s Tools in Chrome to find the classes and ID’s that defined each element and tweak them to get the site to look like it does now. While I’m certain the site will continue to evolve, I’m happy enough with the site, I’ve made it live. Even figured out how to force the site to use HTTPS and setup my own SSL certificate for the site.

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