CSS Cleanup Project

Okay, so using something like WordPress to build out my blog was easy. Moving over to my own AWS instance and setting up my own WordPress server is a whole different story. Especially when the WordPress Theme doesn’t migrate as expected.

I’ve been doing what I can in the WordPress admin page to add custom CSS styles to tweek the look; but realizing this doesn’t cut it so well when I’m trying to override the existing CSS styles that are part of the theme. Then I remembered this is my own server. I don’t have to use the custom CSS feature in WordPress itself, I can edit the actual CSS files on the server itself.

Still new to HTML/CSS, so why not just dive into the deep end with tweeking a website far more complex then anything I’ve actually created. Just need to figure out my plan of attack, create backups of the files (not my first rodeo), and start to dig through some CSS.

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