Time for Scrum!

Okay, so my “pitfall” of starting new projects while already working on projects I mentioned in my last post didn’t turn out as bad as I though. I can’t say I’m a Scrum Master; but I use it enough at work with my team that I feel comfortable enough at giving it a go on my own. Also figured out it wasn’t all to hard to find one sufficient for my own personal projects, Azure DevOps Services. Considering I already have an account and it is free, figured why not.

I now have an official project setup for my Dev Journal site with my own Scrum board and a Story to cover my sites initial setup. First task, cleanup the CSS! Got the stylesheet copied off of the server, created notes on the custom CSS I was using, and pulled some styles from the original WordPress.com version of this site.

I’ve already started looking through; but realized it wouldn’t hurt to setup some version control for the stylesheet considering it is over 3300 lines of code. Knowing me, way too easy to completely screw this one up. Now to get even more familiar with GIT and start branching!

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