School Work Round 2

Time for round 2 of my current course work. Finally got a chance to take a look at my course work for this week. This weeks focus, CSS.

Looking forward to this weeks lab. Can’t say why, but I kind of enjoy taking existing code and reworking it. Taking an existing HTML file and will have to incorporate CSS to style the page using diffent methods. Looking forward to this as I haven’t done much with CSS. Should be fun.

Next up, I have my next milestone for my course project. This time, I’ll be expanding on the Visio site diagram I created last week. Essentially flesh it out with more specific details. Specifying page file names, finalizing how the pages are related to each other, and finalizing what navigation structure best fits my site.

All in all, shouldn’t be to bad. I at least have a gameplan, now to just set aside the time to work on each of these.

First Simple Website Done!

Finished with my first lab by creating a basic four page website that I can essentially use as a online resume that I can continuously update. The page is extremely basic, but was really nice to see it come together nevertheless. Still know there is a lot more that I can do to make the site far more interesting, but a nice start.

Only because I haven’t tried this out yet, I’m considering setting this site up in AWS as a static website on an S3 bucket. Current workload has me a bit strapped for time, so this may be a bit before I do. Once I get it loaded, I’ll share it out in case anyone wants to take a look.

Start of My Journey

Technically, I’d say my journey really started when I was about 8; but this starts my official journey into a more official software/system development position.

To start this off, I’m delving into web development as part of a college course I’m taking at DeVry. I’ll admit, my experience with HTML has been limited to very simple “Hello World” pages or those used to format online knowledge articles beyond the basic text editors. Based on my first weeks worth of school work, I’m jumping straight in by setting up a four page website for the first lab; and setting up a proposal for a website of my choice for the course project.

Don’t have anything at the moment for the lab. I have at least reviewed what is needed. Diagram and build a four page website that includes a home, education, work experience, and portfolio pages about myself. I’ve already roughly planned out what I want in each page. Now I just need to create a diagram of the site in Visio and then build it.

Next up, I need to write-up a proposal for my course project website. Still need to determine what I want my page to be about. Mulling around a few ideas that I’ll need to finalize with enough time to put together the proposal.